A brief history

United Voices Choir started as a way to connect to people who love to sing, and want to learn the larger sacred works involving orchestra and solo singers.  Our first concerts were in 2009, and since then we have presented concerts at least twice a year. This group has become especially attractive to amateur and semiprofessional choral singers who enjoy working on larger scale choral music, and who are interested in singing sacred music at a high standard.

Who we are

The 50 members of the choir range from students to retirees, and from amateurs to advanced voices. The sections rehearse together every Tuesday night from 7 to 9:30pm, September through April. Rehearsals working on refining the sound, detail, and understanding of the music, and are supplemented by bi-weekly sectional rehearsals to assist with notes, counting, pronunciation etc.  The choir rehearses together with the orchestra and soloists in the week before concerts.

Choristers have the opportunity to learn together, to understand music from both a choral and sacred perspective, and to present concerts with professional level orchestral musicians and soloists. In April 2019 the Choir presented two concerts of the Mozart Requiem.  Previous repertoire includes works by Bach, Handel, Brahms, Vivaldi, Finzi, Vaughan Williams, and Lauridsen. Our Christmas 2019 concert offerings included the uplifting Gloria and dramatic Kyrie by Vivaldi, as well as Haydn’s sparkling Te Deum and the more angular, yet melodious, diatonic music of Poulenc, as presented in three motets

We also have various social gatherings, and because we have a lot of different people in the organization, there is always someone to chat to. It is a wonderful and supportive community.